Direct Simulation Monte Carlo for Dense Hard Spheres

    Research Highlights : Application through modifying DSMC method on dense gas system   Abstract : We propose a modified direct simulation Monte Carlo (DSMC) method, which extends the validity of DSMC from rare¯ed to dense system of hard spheres (HSs).

Mechanical behavior of metal nanoplates

  Research Highlights : We are studying various mechanical responses of nanoplates due to the surface effect, such as ultrahigh strength, negative Poisson’s ratio, intrinsic instability, initiation of plasticity, large induced compressive stresses   Abstract : The Poisson’s ratio is a fundamental

Stacked carbon electrode based electrochemical/biosensor platform

  Research Highlights : 3D suspended carbon micro/nano structures were fabricated using batch carbon-MEMS process. A novel suspended morphology of the carbon nanostrucutres enabled highly sensitive electrochemical/biosensing   Abstract : Herein, we present a novel electrochemical sensing platform that consists of a

Nanoparticle pattern formation in evaporating droplets

      Research Highlights : The mechanism of instabilities of deposit patterns left after the evaporation of a particle-laden liquid droplet was elucidated using a Monte Carlo method   Abstract : The characteristics of several patterns left after the evaporation of