High Performance Computing Summer School @ UNIST is open for computational researchers.


Program Details

  • Date : July 1-12, 2013
  • Location : UNIST AIB 104, 106, 107
  • Attendees : up to 40 for Master Level Course / up to 50 for Entry Level Course
  • Registration : on homepage
  • Registration fee :  500,000 won for Master Level Course / 100,000 won for Entry Leverl Course

* You can pay by credit card or in cash on HPCSS website.



  •  Entry Level Course
  1. Parallel Programing (OpenMP, MPI)    병렬프로그래밍 기법 (OpenMP, MPI)
  2. Parallel Programing on Intel Xeon Phi  Intel Xeon Phi 에서 프로그래밍 기법
  3. Accelerate Programing like CUDA, OpenCL, OpenACC etc.  가속프로그래밍 기법
  • Master Level Course
  1. Parallel Programing on Intel Xeon Phi에서 병렬프로그래밍 기법
  2. Fortran 및 C/C++ Code       코드를 Phi로 포팅 및 성능 향상/최적화
  3. Project presentation and making technical report using Xeon Phi 에서 프로젝트 발표 및 기술보고서 작성

* Project work is a must to pass the Master Course 전문가 과정은 프로젝트 참여가 필수!

You can find Timetale on HPCSS website


Prize giving details for Master Level Course 

There will be awards ceremony for outstanding project report among the Master Course project work participant as follows.

  • Grand prize : 1
  • Excellence prize : 2
  • Participation prize : 4


For more information about the UNIST Winter School for HPC, please visit HPCSS website or contact Sangmin Park, USC Staff: sminpark@unist.ac.kr or 82-52-217-4201.