PartI. Internal Supercomputing fields

  1. Education and research environment of simulation based on web using EDISON system   에디슨시스템을 활용한 웹기반 시뮬레이션 교육/연구 환경
  2. Technical trend of heterogeneous supercomputing, along with development and operation of Supercomputer chundoong 이종슈퍼컴퓨터 기술 동향과 슈퍼컴퓨터 천둥의 개발 및 운영 사례

PartII.  Research using Supercomputing in USC

  1. Research on science of property of matters using quantum computation   양자역학 계산을 통한 물성과학 연구
  2. The method and application of computer simulation on non-equilibrium macromolecule system  비평형 고분자 시스템의 전산모사 방법과 응용

Part III. Supercomputing Industry: use of state-of-the art accelerator

  1. Introduction of Intel Xeon Phi coprocessor
  2. GPU parallel computing and diversifying application of visualization solution into supercomputing field             GPU 병렬컴퓨팅과 Visualization 솔류션을 이용한 산업계에서의 슈퍼컴퓨팅 적용 다각화.


PartIV.  Special News : Asia Supercomputing Challenge (ASC2013)

  1. Contribution from ASC 2013 attendee
  2. Interview of attendees


Part V. USC News

  1. HPC School @ UNIST & Korea Supercomputing Challenge
  2. Contribution from attendee of Korea Supercomputing Challenge
  3. USC Resources