The basic form of commands : command_name [options] argument(s)

  •  UNIX/Linux is case-sensitive.

File Handling Commands

mkdirmake directories
lslist contents in the directory
cdchange directory
cpcopy files or directories
pwdprint path of current working directory
mvmove or rename files
rmremove files or directories
findsearch for files in the directory herarchy
chmodchange permission of files or directories

Displaying files

catdisplay the contents of a file on the standard output
moredisplay the contents of the file
headdisplay the first 10 lines of the file
taildisplay the last 10 lines of the file
grepprint lines matching a pattern

Miscellaneous Commands

psreport a snapshot of the current processes
killkill a process with PID
duestimate file space usage
dfreport filesystem disk space usage
manshow the manual of command