HPC systems installed in UNIST Supercomputing Center fall into two parts. One is for the UNIST researchers, the other is for the PLSI. The HPC systems for UNIST researchers are Leopard, Lion, Falcon, Eagle HPC cluster and Lustre Parallel file system. The other HPC systems for PLSI are Cheetah cluster. PLSI systems are available to all researcher in the nation-wide, including UNIST members.

To use HPC systems as UNIST members, please send HPC application form via e-mail. Download available from HERE.

Following contents should be included in the application form.

  • E-mail address, applicant’s mobile phone number
  • E-mail address, adviser’s office phone number (in general, professor)
  • E-mail address, joint workers’ mobile phone number (if you have coworkers)
  • Signing applicant’s own autograph
  • Research plan

To use PLSI HPC systems, please apply account via PLSI webpage. Please get the public IP address before you apply the PLSI account. You can get more information from the staff in your department administration office.

If you need any support for applying account, contact us. Shin, Seokhun (052-217-4204), usc-help@unist.ac.kr