The technology of utilizing supercomputing is one of top 10 scientific technology selected by U.S. National Science Fund (NSF) and future key technology which will secure national competitiveness. Ulsan has been considered the capital of Korea Industry but its R&D capability is a relatively weak point compared to its renowned productive c

apacity. Therefore, to lead research of the most advanced scientific technology and contribute to enforcing R&D capability in Ulsan, UNIST founded the UNIST Supercomputing Center (USC) in 2010, follo

wing the MoU on collaboration between UNIST and KISTI in 2009.

The USC is implementing high-performance supercomputing research environment for theoretical and numerical researchers in cutting-edge scientific fields. T

he USC has been selected for a regional center of Korea Research Environment Open NETwork (Kreonet) in Ulsan as being founded. In addition, the USC is performing a role as a principal center for Partnership & Leadership for the nationwide Supercomputing Infrastructure (PLSI). This enables the researchers in UNIST and Ulsan area to have convenient, effective access to nationwide high-performance computing resources using high-speed network.

The USC would like to develop human resource for computational research and supercomputing in accordance with the government project for Promoting National Supercomputing by providing systematic education, training, and technical support, lowering the barrier to utilizing supercomputing for beginners. In addition, the USC will work for small and medium-sized enterprises in Ulsan and provide appropriate technology and infrastructure for their need by supporting design, analysis, and evaluation of manufacturing processes using computation resources.

The USC is open for all the companies and researchers. Please give us interest and support. Thank you very much.

Director of the UNIST Supercomputing Center